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As a certified life coach and author of The Badass Planner, I use those skills combined with the wisdom of the tarot to rock our your plans and help you manifest your extraordinary Badass magic.



As a certified life coach who was trained by the extraordinary Martha Beck; as a former heavy metal vocalist, a writer, podcaster, tarot reader, author of The Badass Planner and self-proclaimed queen of wanderlust—one would definitely say I’ve traveled many roads.


How lucky I am to work with you

Susie Shubert is a smart, compassionate coach who helps us dig into the recesses of our Badassery and “live it”!!!

Kathryn Johnson-Founder and President of Career Code

Susie brings love and gentleness into her readings. She sees details in the cards that give so much more depth to the interpretations. Love her!!

Linda B.

I so loved your last reading that inspired me and helped me balance. I got promoted and started selling more projects and acting as if at a higher level. Thank you!

Linda M.

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