About Me

my mission:

To help you answer your call of the wild and manifest your badassery.

The Badass Journey

As a certified life coach trained by the extraordinary Martha Beck; a former heavy metal vocalist (that’s me in my band Warbride, back and center), a writer, podcaster, tarot reader, author of The Badass Planner, and self-proclaimed queen of wanderlust—one would definitely say I’ve traveled many roads.

Here’s some things I’ve learned about myself along the way:

  • I am a self-starter who jumps right into things that interest me: manuals be damned.
  • I am and will always be lured by anything that glitters or creeps. (except spiders.)
  • I am a very strange mix of pragmatic + woo.
  • I refuse to get old; I will only grow older.
  • Everything must have meaning and purpose, even if that purpose is only to delight me for a day.
  • I love nothing more than helping someone manifest their Badassery.

I may not wear as much hair spray these days, but I will never stop rockin’ and rollin’.

Great But...Why Tarot?

Trust me–I’ve always raised a cynical eyebrow at this kind of thing until I had a random just-for-fun reading that truly hit home. It inspired me to finally let myself connect with my intuitive magical side that had always tugged at my pant leg. Since raising my white flag and surrendering to the pull of reading the tarot, I continue to be amazed at the effects and changes that I’ve witnessed in myself and many others that I’ve worked with.

I want to take the often unapproachable woo woo out of the tarot and make it more of a mainstream everyday tool to help you rediscover and reclaim who you are so that you can be sure to follow the path that is calling to you.

When we are able to connect with our bona fide selves and what we really want out of life, we are able to not only get things done but do so while moving forward and crafting a more purposeful existence that is truly fulfilling.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love zombies in the movies, I really don’t want to shuffle around day in and day out like one.


Rock Out Your Life and Make Each Day Count

Years ago I realized that I wanted to start using an honest-to-goodness planner, but nothing out there did much for me in the way that I wanted to be motivated.

I didn’t want some flowery tome trying to inspire me with sappy thoughts and feel-good pastels; that simply isn’t reality, and I wanted to grab life by the jewels and kick down some doors.

So I decided to create my own. In 2017, The Badass Planner was born–complete with a “Caution! Includes Profanity!” graphic on the cover. I had never felt so validated up until that moment.

Along with sassy quotes, essays that make you think, and places to write and reflect, my planner has you take a look at your daily tasks and break them down so you can take them down with intention. All with some much-needed profanity, of course.

Sadly, 2021 is the very last year you will see my planner in this form. Stay tuned for the next version of Badssery to come!


From Middle Earth to Minneapolis

Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my hubby, two kids and a couple of cats, one would think I live a pretty conventional life. Like a Hobbit I do like my creature comforts, but I realized a long time ago that, like Bilbo, my life really IS about the journey–and I’m okay with that.

Horror movies, strong coffee with cream, music from metal to yacht rock, sparkles, the ocean, irreverent humor, a good page-turner, anything Lord of the Rings, Badass brainstorming and conversation, making my family play board games with me…these are a few of my favorite things.

What I Want...

My goal is to help connect you to what truly floats your boat, gets you out of bed in the morning, jiggles your g-string.

There are things out there just waiting for you to discover them; my tarot friends and I will help you find what they are so you can rock them right out. 

What My Clients Say

I was at a crossroads and feeling “stalled out.” Working with Susie, I gained simple strategies to bring more direction to my decision-making and it helped to jumpstart my personal and professional development. As an attorney and a consultant, I find myself referring back to it often and sharing what I have learned with others.

Molly G.

It was so interesting to identify strengths, and with Susie’s enthusiasm and knowledge, she helped me explore ways I can build on those strengths in my work and home life. Thanks so much Susie!!

Christine S.

I get just as much from making magic with my clients as they get from me! I’m so appreciative of our work together and their kind words.

Susie Shubert